Our prevention department encompasses not only prevention but our education initiatives as well. The education and prevention bureau can be reached @ 937.981.3394 ext.846.

The education and prevention bureau handles the following programs:

  • School Age Fire Prevention & Education
  • Adult Fire Prevention & Education
  • Residential & Commercial Knox Box
  • Inspections needed for state reporting requirements
  • Residential Inspection Program (See below for more info)
  • EMS Education

The Residential Inspection Program was implemented to reach out to the residents of the Paint Creek Joint EMS/ Fire District that may be interested in a home safety inspection, free smoke detector installation and the availability of a free residential lock box. There are multiple home safety inspectors that would enjoy the opportunity to assist District residents with any of these needs. Please contact the prevention office if you would like to schedule an inspection or are in need of a smoke detector. The Goal of this program is to reduce property damage and loss caused by preventable fires and eliminate fire related deaths caused by preventable conditions.

The Prevention Bureau may be reached @ 937.981.3394 x-102 or use the easy form below.

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