Mission Statement


“To preserve and protect life and property, promote a safer community through prevention and
education, and provide exceptional service by exceptional people with respect and compassion
for all.”


Vision Statement


“Setting the standards of excellence, guided by principles of Trust, Integrity, Honesty, Loyalty, and Respect for all.”


Paint Creek Joint EMS/Fire District is located in Highland, Ross, and Fayette counties. PCJEFD is a combination department, covering 360 square miles. Providing protection, and services to a population of 31,952 residents. Staffing is made up of full time, part time, and volunteer personnel.


Current Monthly Run Volume: 2017

Month Fire: month/year EMS: month/year
January 39/39 399/399
February 42/81 367/766
March 45/126 433/1199
April 57/183 417/1616
May 35/218 396/2012
June 42/260 425/2437
July 53/313 456 /2893
August 54/367 415/3311
September 42/409 413/3724
October 45/454 407/4131
November 48/502 371/4502
December 60/562 368/4870



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